Journal of The Korean Society of Mathematical Education

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Journal of The Korean Society of Mathematical Education
Research in Mathematical Education
  • • Publication Date : Vol. 1 No. 1 (1997) ~
  • • Korea Citation Index (KCI) : Impact Factor 0.23 (2022)
  • • Frequency : 4 times published per year: March, June, September(special issue), and December
  • • pISSN : 1226-6191
  • • eISSN : 2287-9943
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How do one expert mathematics teacher in China implement deep teaching in problem-solving and problem-posing classroom: A case study
U.S. and Korean teacher candidates' approaches to mathematical modeling on a social justice issue
A comparative study of the revised 2022 Korea mathematics curriculum and the international baccalaureate diploma program mathematics: Applications and interpretation standard level - focusing on high school statistics area
Investigating the substance and acceptability of empirical arguments: The case of maximum-minimum theorem and intermediate value theorem in Korean textbooks
Comparison perceptions of secondary mathematics teachers between Korea and Indonesia in covid-19 era
Fostering growth: The impact of STEM PBL on students' self-regulation and motivation
Learning motivation of groups classified based on the longitudinal change trajectory of mathematics academic achievement: For South Korean students
Mathematics classrooms that students love, grade 1: Numbers and operations by Jinho Kim (2023)