Author's Guide

  1. The language of the journal is English.
  2. Manuscripts should be written in MS Word.
  3. Manuscripts be submitted electronically via In this website of the Journal n Mathematical Education, authors follow the submission processes in steps and must upload a title page including author name(position), affiliation, and contact information, and a blinded version. The authors can trace the processes for their submitted paper in the e-Submission banner of the journal website. The questions about submission processes may be asked via email to
  4. Manuscripts should conform to the general guidelines on style specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition, 2009). Especially, authors follow:
    • 1) Cover Page: The first page (Cover page) contains the title, the name (position), , contact information, abstract not exceeding 200 words but at least 100 words, and keywordswithin 5 ones . You can find the example of cover page HERE.
    • 2) How to write references: Writing of the List of References should conform to the style of APA. The references section should adhere to APA Publication Manual (6thedition)guidelines and is located in the end of the last section.
    • 3) Numbering: Chapters should be reasonably subdivided into sections and, if necessary, subsections. At that time, authors use I, 1, 1), ① etc for chapter, section, subsection, sub-subsection etc, respectively.
    • 4) Tables and figures have to include the consecutive numbers and captions (descriptive titles). For specific details, authors are advised to examine the style used in the current issue of the journal.
      You can find the example of cover page, How to write references, Numbering, and Tables and Figures HERE. Here are concrete styles of the Journal.
  5. All manuscripts will be submitted to three reviewers for blind review4
  6. There are page-charges associated with articles appearing in the journal. the charges are US$200 for the first six pages or less and US$20 for each additional page. These charges are expected to be paid by the author’s institute, government agency or other organization. If the author or authors do not have access to such institutional support these charges are waived. However, the Editorial Board will give some assignment to review articles submitted by others.
  7. All authors whose paper(s) appeared in Research in Mathematical Education become the members of the reviewer board.